Our Team

Professor Delma Dwight

Director of Economic Intelligence

Delma has been pioneering the development, implementation and leadership of an evidence-based approach to policy and strategy development across the Midlands for over 20 years.

Delma was educated in Ireland and holds a First-Class Honours degree (Bachelors) in Commerce from University College Galway and an Honours Masters (MA) in Economics from University College Dublin. She was awarded a Visiting Professorship to the University of Wolverhampton in 2019.

Delma established the Black Country Economic Intelligence Unit in 2002 and has been the Director of Economic Intelligence for the last 20 years.

Delma is also the Director of the Midlands Engine Observatory. She utilises her excellent analytical abilities to translate complex information into meaningful messages and concise reports in order to support evidence-based debate at Strategic Board Level.

Prior to setting up the Intelligence Unit Delma’s work experience included the Economist in London, Curtin University in Perth, Australia and the Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin.

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Christopher Styche

Principal Analyst (Geospatial)

Christopher has been a member of the Economic Intelligence Unit for over 17 years developing his spatial analytical skills whilst working in the geospatial industry as well as being an active member of the Association for Geographical Information and the Government Geography Profession.

Christopher holds a BA (Hons) degree in Geography and has completed Advanced Level courses in using Geographical Information Software packages such as MapInfo Professional, ArcGIS and QGIS.

Christopher is involved in the place agenda to support regeneration through applying intelligence to inform the development of the strategic programmes to implement local plans and policies whilst also understanding the spatial and economic impact of strategic interventions across the Midlands.

His role includes data analysis & intelligence reports, spatial analysis, geographical Information application and data visualisation & visual analytics.

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Scott Grindey

Principal Analyst (Skills)

Scott is an experienced Economic Development Officer with over 20 years’ experience working in the Public Sector, including both National and Local Government, law enforcement and for several national quangos. Scott has a proven track record in proactive management of information, intelligence and insight, specialising in employment and skills, regeneration, housing and crime and disorder.

Scott holds a BA (Hons) in Politics from the University of Liverpool and a Masters in Urban Regeneration from Sheffield Halam University.

Scott also has significant experience of both qualitative and quantitative research methods, evaluation and procurement.

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Charlie Hopkirk

Principal Analyst (Business & Economy)

Charlie focuses in on the analysis and policy relating to competitiveness, business, clusters and the wider economy. He has worked in The EIU for over 5 years, with a stint in-between as a social development consultant at a major engineering and infrastructure company.

Charlie has a BA (Hons) degree in Economics and Politics from the University of Manchester and holds qualifications related to the development of Green Book compliant business cases and evaluation processes.

Key areas of work include data collection, analysis and presentation relating to businesses and sectors in the regional economy, utilising sources such as ONS and the Data City to provide intelligence to partners, as well as co-ordinating local networks such as the West Midlands Metals & Materials Forum. Charlie also works on several other workstreams, including related to monitoring and evaluation activity, anchor networks and social value, and trade / investment policy. 

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Megan Boerm

Senior Analyst (Data, Analysis & Intelligence)

Megan joined the Economic Intelligence Unit in 2017 and has since been pivotal in providing intelligence and evidence for local areas by cross-cutting data collections and analysis, production of intelligence briefings, dashboards, monthly economic monitors and annual reports in aid to understand economic performance.

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Emma Forde

Senior Analyst (Research & Intelligence)

Emma has 5 years of experience working in the Economic Intelligence Unit as an analyst. She is a passionate Geographer with a keen interest in bringing sustainability and climate change to the forefront of decision makers minds.

Emma supports the team with monitoring and evaluation, data analysis, interpretation and visualisations. Emma graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Geography from the University of Birmingham.

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Lukasz Gasienca-Fronek

Economic Intelligence & Policy Analyst (Midlands Engine)

Lukasz joined The EIU in January 2022 as a Graduate Researcher from the University of Wolverhampton, where he gained a First Class BA (Hons) degree in Economics and Politics.

Lukasz has progressed onto be an Economic Intelligence & Policy Analyst and his role is focused on the various work of the Midlands Engine and the Midlands Engine Observatory.

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